710 Tips & Tricks #1: How to Twax cannabis concentrates & flowers bowls, blunts & joints

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Twaxing is applying wax directly to cannabis flowers inside of a bowl, blunt or joint. There are a few ways to Twax depending on what kind of concentrated cannabis you are using or how you are smoking it, let’s look at a few methods Twaxing.

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It’s often thought that in order to smoke marijuana concentrates such as wax and shatter you need some sort of apparatus such as a wax pen like the V-ONE wax pen that you see here, or an oil rig with a nail or email attachment like this, but that is not true. You can very easily smoke wax, shatters and oils mixed right in or on your marijuana flowers.

Twaxing is when you simply apply your wax directly to cannabis flowers inside of a bowl or blunt or even a joint. There are a few ways to Twax depending on what kind of concentrated cannabis you are using or how you are smoking it,  so let’s look at a few of those methods Twaxing.

Remember, like many of our videos, this is not meant to be conclusive bible about the relatively new subject of Twaxing but it is intended more of a conversation starter to help us all gather and spread knowledge about cannabis concentrates. We welcome your ideas, thoughts, commentary and constructive criticisms in the comments of this video.


We well start with the simplest method of Twaxing which is with a bowl. With this method you can crumble your wax on top of a packed bowl and smoke it just as it is. You can also make small little pellets of shatter or one big ball to drop on the top of a bowl. It can also be useful to heat the dabbing tool letting the wax melt falling with gravity on top of the packed bowl which can be less messy than trying to get the wax on top of the bowl with a tool or by using your fingers. You can also make little tube or snake shapes and wrap them around small buds or nugs which can then be dropped whole into a bowl. There are a lot of ways to be creative and have fun with Twaxing on a bowl of cannabis flowers.


The next method we will look at is how to Twax with a blunt. The Wax blunt is probably one of the most common ways  to Twax. The combination of the tobacco leaf wrap, cannabis flowers and oily concentrates is a visceral enjoyment that is really catching fire in the cannabis community. The basic method for this with wax is to crumble the wax directly on top of the cannabis, as evenly as possible just prior to the rolling process. However if you are using a viscous oil concentrate like honey or hash oil, or even if you are using shatter, it is easy to stripe the blunt wrap itself before adding in the ground cannabis. There are other methods for Twaxing with a blunt and we will look at some of them at the end of this video.


Now let’s look at Twax on a joint. A joint, because of the thin paper, is easy ruin with the sticky wax when trying to roll up the delicate papers and also by causing runs in the joint once it is being smoked. For this reason, twaxing with a joint is often done with a coil of shatter twisted around the end of a rolled joint. This method looks really cool but you will need to be careful not to let the wax drip away as you smoke it. And like the blunt, it is really easy to break up your crumble or sugar wax right into the joint, but it may be wise to put a little cannabis flowers both on top and bottom of the crumble for a more even burn, and for a fatter joint!


You might also have fun using kief along with your wax in bowls, joints and blunts for various creations and combinations that can make Twaxing even more fun than it already is. You can make caviar style buds the likes of which you may have heard called Moon Rocks or C3P0. Kief can also make it easier to roll up a wax joint by absorbing the stickiness prior to rolling the joint. It is also pretty cool to use a stripe of wax on the outside of a blunt or joint, dust it with kief and enjoy smoking a Tarantula Leg. The creative possibilities of Twax are limitless!

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